Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Facebook's new 'streamlined' pages

Facebook has recently introduced a new layout to all of its pages, making administration and organisation much, much easier.


Photo from Facebook

Firstly, Facebook has added a tool that lets you add other people's pages to a watch list. This feature is called 'pages to watch' and allows you to directly compare how many likes these other pages have gotten in the past week. Not only does it show likes per week, it shows how many posts a page has made and how much engagement a page has had. Very handy for adding competitors and seeing how you can beat them! Once pages have been added, a small widget is added to the admin control panel that page admins see at the top of the page, allowing you to see how you're fairing against your competition at a glance.

It is expected that if you are falling behind in likes with those you have added to your 'pages to watch' it recommends that you try and run an ad campaign for your page. Facebook is trying to make itself a more competitive place to advertise and will use these tactics to persuade you to run ads in hopes of being at the top of your pages to watch list.

That being said, they have also added some useful features, allowing you to quickly see all of the important information about your page at a glance, along with putting all the useful information about a page on the left hand side for customers.