Monday, 28 April 2014

Google+ as popular as Twitter

Recent research from Forrester Research has revealed that in the US, the same amount of people use Google+ as often as they use Twitter.

Photo taken from Adweek

A lot of media sources have been putting out news that Google+ is a 'ghost town'. This is untrue, according to the research. Google+ has only 25% of the users compared to Facebook - but let's not forget that Facebook is the world's leading social media website. Google+ has an equal amount of users as Twitter.

This may not seem like much - but there's more. A Google+ user is more likely to follow a company on Google+ than a Twitter user is to follow a company on Twitter. This also applies to brands. Not to mention that Google+ is still ahead of Pinterest and LinkedIn. It was published in the research that the researcher recommends every company to be marketing on Google+.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Over the past few months, you will have noticed that Facebook's news feed has been changing frequently. If you didn't already know, Facebook uses an algorithm to place stories on your news feed. This is to keep you coming back for more, as the algorithm sifts through all of the posts it could possibly show you and only surfaces the ones it thinks you will like.

Photo from Mashable

The average Facebook user has 1500 possible stories per day. Facebook only shows you 20% of these. This is the algorithm taking effect, trying to show you only high quality posts.

Some changes have been made regarding repeat surfacing of articles. Facebook initially said that they would not allowing stories to resurface, as users were unlikely to go back to a post that they had already seen. This is no longer the case, meaning that if there are new comments from friends on an article it will surface again.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Twitter now has a new, updated layout that may look familiar.

Zac Efron's twitter and facebook profiles - can you spot the difference?
Photo from the Guardian, taken by them from Facebook and Twitter

I personally am a fan of the new layout, however similar to Facebook's it may be. With the new layout changes come new quality of life changes. Twitter wants to change how it works. If you're looking for detailed information on the new changes, take a look at twitter's blog, as I will just briefly be going over the new features.

Highlighting best tweets. These tweets will appear bigger on your feed, making it a lot easier for your followers to see your finest tweets.

Pinned tweets. Pin a tweet at the top of your page so it's clearly visible to anyone who visits.

Filtered tweets. Choose what you see on someone else's page. You can filter by tweets, tweets with videos/photos and replies.

The new design should hit you within the next two weeks, as twitter is slowly rolling out the update to all of its users.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Google Plus adds view counts

Last week Google decided to add a view counter to everyone's Google Plus pages.

This has been seen as a good and bad addition by it's users, some thanking Google as it allows them to track how well their page is doing. Others are not pleased, as they feel it is a bid for Google to try and win them over from other social media websites.

Not to worry, if you find yourself with fewer views than you'd like, you can hide the counter. If you head into your profile settings you can untick the box that says 'Show how many times your profile has been viewed'.

At the moment it seems that the counter is updated periodically rather than in real time, meaning that you can't see immediately if something you posted gathered a lot of attention.