Monday, 28 April 2014

Google+ as popular as Twitter

Recent research from Forrester Research has revealed that in the US, the same amount of people use Google+ as often as they use Twitter.

Photo taken from Adweek

A lot of media sources have been putting out news that Google+ is a 'ghost town'. This is untrue, according to the research. Google+ has only 25% of the users compared to Facebook - but let's not forget that Facebook is the world's leading social media website. Google+ has an equal amount of users as Twitter.

This may not seem like much - but there's more. A Google+ user is more likely to follow a company on Google+ than a Twitter user is to follow a company on Twitter. This also applies to brands. Not to mention that Google+ is still ahead of Pinterest and LinkedIn. It was published in the research that the researcher recommends every company to be marketing on Google+.