Wednesday, 14 May 2014

F8: Top 5 things covered in F8

Facebook holds a yearly conference about what it is going to be changing. We have selected the main points from the entire video for your convenience.
Taken from the F8 Video

1. No more 'work fast and fix later' attitude

Facebook is known to push out lots of updates fast, breaking some features or leaving large security loopholes such as a vulnerability with the 'view profile as' feature in 2010. They have claimed to be taking a more mature approach to the situation and are now going to be performing thorough tests on new features before rolling them out to the public.

2. Users will now have an option to use apps anonymously

This update comes with a grateful response from a lot of users. Facebook has been slammed for it's privacy issues in the past. They have since amended these issues to the best of their ability and are now obviously trying to stop any more of these issues arising by adding in this new feature. This feature allows Facebook users to log into apps anonymously to build up trust with the app. Once the user feels it trusts the app enough with their personal information, they can then choose to log in with their real information. This new feature is said to be rolling out soon.

3. New advertising system - targeted ads

The Facebook advertising system has probably been better than most social media, already it has semi targeted adverts, usually by what you've previously been browsing. However, Facebook is now using a more targeted and higher quality method of displaying ads. Ads will no longer appear in front of buttons or images, which I personally found highly frustrating, allowing their page to remain usable whilst still placing ads on your screen.

4. Parse - More tools for developers

Photo taken from the Parse website

Parse is a tool for application developers which allows a lot of the back end code such as server querying to be automatically configured for them. This means that application developers can put more time and effort into developing the core aspects of their own application rather then focusing on getting the back end code to function within their application. This means we could start to see higher quality Facebook applications starting to make appearances throughout the next year or so.

5. AppLinks - Easier Linking Between apps

App Links is a tool that is now supported by Facebook. App Links is slowly trying to convince all mobile application makers, programmers and web developers to use one unified system to allow linking to apps on phones from desktop websites or programs. This will make interaction between apps more pleasant, so we could see direct links from Facebook's recently acquired Instagram, perhaps even uploading photos directly to Instagram and Facebook simultaneously.